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Where Can I Get Waverly Root Canal?

With nearly 50 years of experience, Dr. Robert Guminey has done his fair share of Waverly root canals. He has also witnessed technology and techniques advance to such a degree that root canals are no longer a dreaded dental procedure. As a matter of fact, root canals are now as easy as filling a tooth. And they are a very effective way to save a tooth whose dental pulp is irreversibly damaged by injury or decay. The success rate is as high as 95%, so there’s good reason to consider root canals when your symptoms suggest it. With over 15 million root canals performed annually in the United States, the procedure is more precise than ever.

Waverly Root Canal

A Waverly root canal is performed in order to save the structure and function of the affected tooth. To do so, Dr. Guminey gently and precisely removes the damaged inner tissues of your anesthetized tooth then seals the cleaned canal with a biocompatible filling in order to prevent any subsequent infections. Root canal is necessary when the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed, infected, or dies. If an infection is left untreated, it can further compromise the tooth and even compromise your overall well being. Once your root canal procedure is completed, Dr. Guminey will recommend the best restoration to reestablish the form and function of the affected tooth.

Dr. Guminey offers many other dental services in addition to Waverly root canal. Whether you or any member of your family requires a checkup and cleaning, dental fillings, a cosmetic smile makeover, the replacement of missing teeth or emergency dental care, Waverly Family Dental is well equipped to provide care. For more information on all our options in care, call the Waverly Family Dental practice today for an appointment or consultation with Dr. Guminey.

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